Readers of the Texas Tech SBNation website, Viva The Matadors, had their own idea of a Letter of Intent for Cincinnati head coach Tommy Tuberville.

The Letter of Intent faxed to Tuberville was actually a 'Menu of Intent'.

The cover of the fax reads:

Date: 2-06-2013

From: Texas Tech Nation

To: Tommy Tuberville and staff.

MEMO Was thinking of you. . . We will miss you . . . Here is an intent letter to remember us by

Signed XoXXOOxxoo WreckEmTech



The next two pages of the fax were copies of the menu of the well-known 50 Yard Line Steakhouse.

50 Yard Line Steakhouse
50 Yard Line Steakhouse

If you aren't familiar with the 50 Yard Line's menu, the steaks are given football specific labels. Sirloins are Halfback, Wingback & Captain; Rib-Eyes are Center & Quarterback and so on and so-forth.

In one of his last acts as Texas Tech Football head coach, Tommy Tuberville, ditched recruits at a dinner at the 50 Yard Line. The next day, Tuberville resigned from Texas Tech and became the head coach of the Cincinnati Bearcats.

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