Readers of the Texas Tech SBNation website, Viva The Matadors, had their own idea of a Letter of Intent for Cincinnati head coach Tommy Tuberville.

The Letter of Intent faxed to Tuberville was actually a 'Menu of Intent'.

The cover of the fax reads:

Date: 2-06-2013

From: Texas Tech Nation

To: Tommy Tuberville and staff.

MEMO Was thinking of you. . . We will miss you . . . Here is an intent letter to remember us by

Signed XoXXOOxxoo WreckEmTech



The next two pages of the fax were copies of the menu of the well-known 50 Yard Line Steakhouse.

50 Yard Line Steakhouse

If you aren't familiar with the 50 Yard Line's menu, the steaks are given football specific labels. Sirloins are Halfback, Wingback & Captain; Rib-Eyes are Center & Quarterback and so on and so-forth.

In one of his last acts as Texas Tech Football head coach, Tommy Tuberville, ditched recruits at a dinner at the 50 Yard Line. The next day, Tuberville resigned from Texas Tech and became the head coach of the Cincinnati Bearcats.