Freshly back from an accidental Twitter suspension, former Texas Tech men's basketball coach Chris Beard and current Texas Longhorn Chris Beard took to Twitter to finally speak to Red Raider Nation.

Beard cited that he wanted to "wait a few days" after the decision to leave Lubbock to gather his thoughts. He goes on to say a lot, without saying anything.

You can read his entire statement below.

Let's compare that statement to one of another coach. This one was fired and still managed a better response to the situation. Maybe it's that Kliff Kingsbury's goodbye letter came off as genuine, while Chris Beard's statement comes off as rhetoric?

Here's Kingsbury's statement in full.

The comments under Kingsbury's post are overwhelmingly positive. That's a guy who had little to no real tangible success as the head coach, but people loved and respected him as he left.

Compared to the basketball coach who is arguably the most successful in program history, but he's viewed in a mostly negative way on his way out. It's not a surprise. Let's check in on the early Twitter response to Chris Beard's statement.

Texas Tech fans were quick to hint at the perceived betrayal.

Saying they didn't care what the statement said.

Claiming it was mostly directed to Mr. Womble and not the fanbase. Is Dusty not taking his calls? I don't know.

The "too little too late" sentiment was all over the place.

So was the phrase, "Actions speak louder than words."

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

So is this one.

This one breaks down the technical aspects of the statement from a PR perspective.

I could go on and on with more than 150 quote tweets just 30 minutes after the statement was posted. Not all of the response was negative. Some Red Raider fans thanked Beard for his service, but it was a select few. There was also a contingent of Longhorns fans who were just there to see the salty tears of Texas Tech fans. (Their words, not mine.)

Regardless of the responses, I'm surprised that Beard released anything at all. Does he think this will soften the blow when he returns to Lubbock? Did he think this would get Texas Tech fans out of his mentions? Did he underestimate the magnitude of hate he would receive after leaving Texas Tech to go to the University of Texas?

I don't know the answer, but I think Ariana Grande said it best: "Thank u, next."

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