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Back in 2016 during the Oklahoma and Texas Tech football game in Lubbock, Texas, there was a chorus of fans screaming in unison, "F--- you, Baker." (You can watch that clip here.) It was a culmination of the storied history between Texas Tech and Baker Mayfield, and a black mark on Texas Tech after the chant was audible on the national broadcast for an extended time.

The chant was revived on Tuesday for another Oklahoma Sooner who has a history with Texas Tech, albeit a much different one.

As a quick side note, the ESPN producer is responsible for this getting on air. Did they tell broadcasters to stop talking and amplify the chant?

You may be asking yourself, 'What did Trae Young do to deserve this chant?'

The abbreviated Trae Young backstory is simple enough. His dad went to Texas Tech and was a great basketball player. Trae, who was born in Lubbock, grew up in Norman and now play for OU, had some disparaging comments about the state of the Texas Tech Basketball program.

"I just think they need more talent. Sorry I'm just being honest, I just want to win," Young said.

Is that enough of a reason to unleash this chant? No. But couple that quote with the Texas Tech fanbase feeling slighted and disrespected by the disproportionate amount of screen time Trae Young gets over Texas Tech basketball and the entirety of the Big 12, you get a sense of where the section of fans is coming from.

Trae Young responded to the chanting in the post-game conference.

"I get that everywhere I go," he said. "Just because I’m back here in Lubbock, I didn’t feel like I’m going to get a welcome home type of feel. I mean, it’s crazy everywhere I go."

A day after the game, the Texas Tech Athletic Department put out a statement via Twitter:

And on Thursday, Head Coach Chris Beard had his own comments:

Coach Beard is all about respect and he loves the Texas Tech's fanbase.

"Respect is everything. We respect our opponent," Beard said, continuing: "We do want to acknowledge that what happened is not something that we’re going to stand for." He also thanked the 99.99999 percent of the fans who do things the right way and make the United Supermarkets Arena a strong home court advantage for his Red Raiders program.

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