Yesterday we covered the betting odds for the Big 12 Tournament. The Red Raiders have a legitimate shot at winning the tournament after finishing 2nd place in the regular season standings. Keenan Evans looked like himself in the second half on Senior Day last Saturday, and both he and Zach Smith will have five days off to get healthy before their first game on Thursday.

Texas Tech fan Rhett Bain thought it would be a great idea to make a bet with the entirety of Twitter that if the Red Raiders won the Big 12 Tourney, he would buy everyone who retweets him a Whataburger.

First of all, to anyone making a bet or wager, never commit to anything where you don't get anything in return. What does Rhett Bain get here? If you think about it, he's set up a situation where he is now actively rooting against the Red Raiders.

If the Red Raiders win, all Rhett Bain gets is the satisfaction of victory and a semester of tuition worth of Whataburger that he doesn't even get to eat.

Even Mr. Bain realized his mistake, pleading with the Twitterverse to stop retweeting his terrible wager.

He even hit up Whataburger to bail him out.

In the thread, Bain said he had expected, "like 15 RTs," adding: "I was legit gonna buy those 15 people a burger."

The silver lining here is Texas Tech's Chris Beard, who is an avid fan of the best burger chain in America and just got a very publicized raise. Maybe Coach Beard can help celebrate a tournament win by gifting Whataburgers to Bain so he can pay his debts.

If he can't find the help, either through Whataburger or a guardian angel, Bain knows what he'll have to do.

Of course, the Red Raiders have to win first. They'll have to get through their half of the bracket, which includes Texas, Iowa State, West Virginia and Baylor. The Red Raiders split with all four of those teams during the regular season, beating them in Lubbock and losing on the road to each of them.

The Big 12 Tournament is happening now in Kansas City.

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