UPDATE: The Texas Tech Red Raiders baseball team was eventually cleared of this silly accusation thanks to video evidence that showed players simply throwing water straight into the air, and not on the TCU Showgirls.

ORIGINAL STORY: Allegedly, and I stress that word, the Texas Tech baseball team threw water at the TCU Showgirls during the TCU series in Fort Worth this weekend.

After being so offended, hurt and traumatized, the dance squad had to move to the other side of the diamond.

Oh, the humanity.

I, for one, don't stand for this alleged behavior. Water is a scarce commodity and should not be wasted in such alleged frivolity.

If someone was dancing on top of my dugout, I would refrain from doing anything that might affect their performance. The whole atmosphere depends on the shaking of what they have been blessed with. Because let's be honest: No one goes to TCU games to watch baseball!

According to the Star-Telegram, the Big 12 is looking into the alleged incident. This is definitely the kind of thing that the Big 12 should be worried about. Ignore the whole 'we have 10 affiliates and are called the Big 12' problem.

Let's focus on "Watergate" -- not my name for it, by the way. My vote was for "Splash: A Story About Young Men and Small Cups," but not everyone got the memo.

There was water tossed in the dugout. No one has denied that.

Texas Tech baseball head coach Tim Tadlock explained that the water throwing branches from a ritual that was meant to be a private team thing. He used the imagery of his team being a tree that needed to be sustained via water.

It culminated when, during the FSU series, Tadlock recounted the story and threw water, then the team went out to score runs the next inning. So obviously they kept doing it, and won 10 straight games.

As far as we know, no TCU Showgirls were harmed in previous athletic events where dugout tree watering had occurred. However, there is no conclusive evidence that anyone else has a dance squad performing in the opposing team's area.

Tadlock has spoken out on the alleged "The Splashening" incident. "If I needed to apologize, I would. We want to be respectful," he said.

It's my opinion that the Showgirls of TCU did get some splash back from Texas Tech watering their trees, but there was no malicious intent in the alleged splashing.

This problem is easily solved by one of two options.

Option one: Move the Showgirls to a more permanent location, like football and basketball games.

Option two: Splash Zone.



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