Brian Johnson aka The Liver King took the world by storm over the last year preaching his 9 tenets of a healthy life and clean living. Liver King is a former Pharmacist turned Social Media Star and entrepreneur. Johnson used his platform to sell his natural supplements telling all of his followers, or primals, that they could be just like him if they ate animal organs raw with maple syrup and lived a primal life.

Also, he took $12,000 of steroids a MONTH. Yeah, the guy who said in every podcast he ever hosted or guested on that he was natural and didn't take any steroids.

So, who cares? Well, it was such a story online because he promised all of his results by just sleeping more and eating liver, brains, and testicles. He made millions of dollars by presenting his physique as attainable by doing what he did while leaving out a bunch of details. Like all the gear he shot up to get yoked and stay yoked.

But, why does it matter on KKAM dot com? Well, Brian Johnson went to Texas Tech University. The San Antonio native got a degree in biochemistry at Texas Tech, before going on to be a pharmacist and build his supplement business. Then he found TikTok, where he amassed more than 3.5 Million followers. Liver King apologized to fans in a YouTube Video and has continued to post on TikTok so we'll see if the former Red Raider can bounce back from the scandal.

I'm betting he can.

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