Martin House Brewing Company has made plenty of outrageous brews in the past, but I think they've outdone themselves this time. The brewery based out of Fort Worth, Texas has plenty of wild ones in their portfolio, like Best Maid Pickle Beer and a Dinosaur Lawnmower sour that was based on Flintstone vitamins. 

For real.

I was down with the pickles and the vitamins, but hot dogs? I think that's where I draw the line.

The Martin House TikTok account has been documenting the process.

The seltzer was brewed with bun-length hot dogs as flavoring and will be featured at their hot dog festival called Glizzy Fest. It will be a limited edition seltzer, so you'll have to head to Glizzy Fest if you want a can, but I can confidently say I won't be attending. Well, I might head to Glizzy Fest because that sounds awesome, but I'll pass on the bun-length seltzer.

I do kind of want to try the hot dog by-product of the still though. I'm weird, though.

"So spicy, so chewy," says the man eating the boozy dog in the video above. Imagine getting hammered off a pile of hot dogs. Couldn't be me.

I'm not a brewer, but I do respect the creativity and ingenuity that it takes to put together a bun-length, hot dog-flavored seltzer. I just don't want to taste it. I'm not a big enough Limp Bizkit fan.

Now for another Best Maid Pickle Beer or, better yet, a Salty Lady Gose from Martin House.

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