Hot dogs, hamburgers and grass fires were on the menu for Lubbock County residents this 4th of July.

Most of these fires would have been preventable had people taken the precautions that Lubbock fire marshals presented, such as bringing water and/or fire extinguishers to avoid a simple ember becoming a blazing fire. Instead, some people celebrated the 4th of July by popping fireworks that resulted in fires across the South Plains, both outside and inside city limits.

City of Lubbock fire marshals also provided more information regarding fires and injuries. The 2018 National Fire Protection Association released information on their website regarding fires stating that only nine percent of fires from fireworks were structure fires. The incidents accounted for 74 percent of fire injuries, and 45 percent of the fire property damage. Brush and grass fires accounted for every three out of five (59 percent) firework fires and from 2014-2018, and more than 28 percent of fires started by fireworks were on the 4th of July.

Along with fires come injuries from the fireworks themselves. Many people think it's funny to imitate what they see in movies and use fireworks as weapons like wands, blasters or even lightsabers. These uses are recommended against on the packaging so people don't get hurt.

The NFPA released an infographic about what parts of the bodily usually get hurt during fireworks season. Fingers and legs are high on the list, with eyes and the head in general next on the list. Fireworks account for many different fires that cause many different life-changing scenarios, including losing a limb, your home or someone's life.

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