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When venturing across the United States, you won’t find residents prouder of their state than Texans. The Lone Star state is full of diehard Texans who truly believe no other state is better. The only thing that truly divides Texans is what city is the best.

While Texans will claim to love their state more than anything, there are certain parts of the state that they despise and aren’t afraid to say they live in a superior city. You mostly see this with the larger cities, such as Dallas, Houston, and Austin, but it extends to the rest of Texas, too.

A popular Texas TikTok account posted a video with its own ranking of six Texas cities and, based on the comments, it's obvious people aren’t happy about it.

The ranking included Dallas, Houston, Lubbock, El Paso, Brownsville, and San Antonio. That already seems like an odd mix of cities to pick from, and the ranking gets even stranger.

According to this list, the worst Texas city is Dallas, and the best is Houston, shocking many viewers. However, the most shocking thing for many people is Lubbock being ranked number three.

Now, I love Lubbock and I'm happy to call it home, but it absolutely doesn't rank higher than Dallas. In fact, I think Houston needs to be ranked much lower, too. I know people from Houston are proud of it, but it really isn't that great of a city.

Many other people were annoyed by the ranking, especially putting Lubbock and El Paso higher than Dallas. Plenty of comments claim that the person who made the list must not even be from Texas. If not, then they must be a Houston local to even think about placing it higher than Dallas or San Antonio.

Last but certainly not least, people are upset about the fact that Austin is nowhere on the list. The state's capital didn't even make the list, but Brownsville did. How is that even possible?

Watch the TikTok video below:

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