I've been on the search for a new place to live in Lubbock. I recently realized that it was kind of stupid to pay for a 3-bedroom/2-bathroom rental home when it's pretty much just me and a couple of cats. I'd like to eventually buy a house, and throwing away money on a big rental isn't getting me there any faster.

I came across a listing for an apartment in the tallest building in Lubbock, NTS Tower, also known as The Metro Tower. I had no idea there were apartments in it and they're actually pretty cool. Who knew that you could have a swanky spot like this in downtown Lubbock? It seems so very New York.

Check it out:

Cool Apartments In Metro Tower

I'm just really surprised at how cool it is in there. I had no idea that a view like that even existed in Lubbock. I'm pretty interested to go take a peek at these and I asked my buddy to give me a tour sometime this weekend. What do you think? Are they cool or what? Comment on our Facebook page if you think these are kinda rad.

If you'd like to learn more about the lofts, you can find rental information at the Metro Tower Lofts website. I just might have to rent one of those awesome lofts.

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