Terence Steele seems like a man of few words, so when he says something he means it. For example, when asked about his expectations for the season he simply said, "Win it all this year."

Isn't that what you want your goal to be every year? Does it seem like this program has had that feel in the past few years?

Steele, who played all 12 games as a freshman last season, is penciled in as the right tackle for 2017. After playing both last season Steele knows he needs to do whatever is best for the team whether it be at left or right tackle, "Whichever one coach wants me at."

Coach Jones, the offensive line coach, said in his media day interview that Steele was the nastiest lineman he had. Steele's response to the high praise, "I like that. That's good."

Steele also said that the run game will need to improve in 2017, "Our main focus all off season has been to run the ball." That senitment was echoed by running backs coach Jabbar Juluke and offensive coordinator Eric Morris.

Steele showed his passion when talking about the Double T being taken away, "Irritating, because I have so much love for this school." Steele went on to say that it motivates him to be better to earn that symbol back.

Steele set his sights high once again when asked who he's looking forward to playing this season, "Oklahoma or Oklahoma State." I think the saying is to be the man, you've got to beat the man.

2017 Texas Tech Media Day Interviews

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