Less than a month to go before early voting begins in the Republican and Democrat primaries in Texas. One race that has many paying attention is the Republican primary race for Texas Agricultural Commissioner. Commissioner Sid Miller is seeking his third term in office and is facing off against two Republican challengers.

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State Representative James White is one of Miller's challengers and has been vocal in his criticism of how Miller has run the office. In a recent town hall, White brought up the arrest of Todd Smith, a top political consultant of Miller's. According to the Texas Tribune, Smith was arrested in May and was accused of selling hemp licenses. Miller has denied that Smith had done anything wrong and attacked the White campaign for even bringing the issue up.

On Tuesday evening, Commissioner Sid Miller joined The Chad Hasty Show to discuss his campaign when the Texas Tribune broke the news just minutes before Miller's appearance that Todd Smith, Miller's campaign consultant had been officially indicted.

Miller told Hasty that he had not read the indictment but that he wasn't prepared to throw Miller under the bus.

I still don't believe he did anything wrong. This is the Democrats new mode of campaigning. Less than 30 days before the election, they use the Justice Department, keep in mind this is the Travis County District Attorney, the most liberal, the most political District Attorney in the state who took over half a million dollars from George Soros funded PACs making this move. So, no I'm not ready to throw him under the bus, I don't think he's done anything wrong. I haven't seen the charges.

Miller also discussed his goals and what he would like to accomplish if reelected as Texas Agricultural Commissioner.

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