Some call Sean McVay an offensive genius. That's not the case. He's definitely had incredible success and his offense has revolutionized the NFL, but it's simple concepts done incredibly well that have led to his success. A simple plan, executed to perfection.

Not only is that the way McVay goes about his offensive game plans, but it's also how he goes about planning a prank.

McVay used his legendary pranking skills on new NFL head coach Kliff Kingsbury, and he told the story on Adam Schefter's podcast.

Listen to it here:

The McVay interview leads off the podcast, but at about the eight-minute mark, he relays the story of going to dinner one night with Kliff Kingsbury and Patrick Mahomes.

Schefter then segues to Kingsbury by asking McVay what advice he has for the new head coach. McVay responds by saying Kingsbury has been a head coach longer than he has, so he didn't know how much he had to offer. Great start.

McVay then delves into how he and Kingsbury had gotten to know each other. Complimenting Kingsbury on his genuine personality, McVay rambles on as Schefter presses for the story on the epic prank asking if McVay and Kingsbury ever went to dinner together.

"Yeah, we went to dinner with Pat Mahomes, and I kind of tricked him into thinking he was going to be in trouble with the league for tampering," McVay recounted.

What a great rib for the new guy. He invites you to dinner with the hottest name in the NFL and a quarterback that everyone wants to have dinner with, and McVay takes the time to haze him into the NFL coaching fraternity.

As I mentioned earlier: Simple plan, executed to perfection.

McVay saved a friend's number as "Roger Goodell," the NFL commissioner and had him text McVay during dinner.

"I can't believe you're at dinner with Kingsbury and Mahomes. You know better than this. You're both losing picks," read the text McVay showed Kingsbury. McVay recounted that Kingsbury looked like he'd seen a ghost and that he actually thought he just lost the number one overall pick.

McVay said he ended the joke quickly, but that he had definitely gotten Kingsbury and his assistant, who both thought they needed to call the Cardinals GM to straighten things out.

"Hopefully, this story doesn't get anyone in trouble," McVay told Schefter at the end. Shefter responded, laughing: "How would it get anyone in trouble?" McVay finished with "who knows," Which is the correct answer when trying to figure out what is "illegal" in the eyes of the NFL and Roger Goodell.

That hatches another plan between McVay and Schefter to ultimately get the Cardinals, a division rival, to lose the number one pick. McVay added that Kingsbury vowed to get him back, so be on the lookout for part two in the Kingsbury vs McVay prank war saga.

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