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One of my favorite restaurants in Lubbock is Bryan's Steaks, located at 1212 50th Street. For as long as I can remember, it's been magnificent. There's just something about it that's so uniquely Lubbock. The food-to-price ratio is also incredible.

I'd put Bryan's salad bar against any other salad bar in the city -- and maybe the entire state of Texas. That may sound like hyperbole, but a salad bar that might be six feet long houses an incredible variety. Where else can you get queso, spaghetti and green beans all within 36 inches of macaroni salad, French dressing and the best damn cornbread sticks in the United States of America?

The steak is also an incredible value and I've never had a bad ribeye. Where else in Lubbock can you walk into the place and say I'd like the Rancher's Sirloin for two and everyone knows it's just for you but nobody bats an eye?

That's Bryan's way.

It's almost as if walking into Bryan's transports you back to your childhood, no matter the era you were a child, all the way down to them only taking cash and checks...


I was perusing the ever-popular LBK Foodies Facebook group today and saw a post saying that Bryan's Steaks had started accepting credit cards. When I tell you I've never reached for my phone faster...

I hit speed dial number seven, which sent me to the contact entitled "Bryan's xoxoXo," and talked to the man who answered the phone.

I'm now here to confirm that just today, Friday, October 22nd, in the year of our Lord 2021, Bryan's Steaks is now accepting all forms of payments including credit cards.

No more hitting the ATM on the way or dusting off the checkbook you only use for rent and Bryan's. We're paying with plastic now. But the selfie with the iconic cow is still free.

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