A Lubbock woman recently posted a PSA on Nextdoor informing her neighbors that her house is ‘not a designated bathroom’ for their dogs.

She explained in her post how she's seen multiple people allow their dogs to pee, and not just in her yard, but on her flower beds, the side of the house and right on the garage door. She went on to explain that she's okay with dogs peeing on the lawn near the sidewalk, but she should not have to worry about smelling pee every time she's in the front of her house to grab the mail.


I really don’t understand why people have a severe lack of manners like this. It makes me think of all the people that don’t pick up their dog’s poop off someone's lawn. It's a basic courtesy to pick up after your dog and make sure they aren’t peeing on things they don’t need to pee on.

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This goes hand in hand with other things you should avoid doing to be a good neighbor. For example: don’t be noisy on a weekday after 9 p.m. or before 8 a.m., don’t blow your leaves or other mess into their yard, and don’t let your kids play on their lawn without permission. You would think these are pretty self-explanatory, but I guess not.

Most of the comments on the post are in agreeance with the homeowner that posted the PSA. One commenter said "AMEN!!!" and another commented, "Agreed! Be respectful!"

With the overwhelming amount of support on her post, I would hope she no longer needs to worry about any disrespectful neighbors. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if she gives us an update on the peeing fiasco continuing or calming down.

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