Back in December, I announced that the third location of one of Lubbock's favorite taco shops is coming soon. A few months later, and it's finally open.

Poliberto's is a local mom-and-pop shop that so many people in Lubbock have come to love. They have great breakfast burritos, tacos, Asada fries and so much more. Poliberto's just recently opened their second location at 2001 50th Street less than a year ago, so the fact that they're already opening another one is a good sign. I love seeing local businesses succeed.

The new location is where the old Arby's used to be: 5052 Frankford Ave. in Lubbock, Texas.

Back in July 2021, WestMark Commercial / TCN Worldwide's Facebook page posted that the 3,218-square foot location was up for lease. Then, months later on October 18th, they posted that it had been leased.

If you've somehow never been to Poliberto's, it's great. Their breakfast tacos are fabulous and even made my Lubbock breakfast burrito trail list. Their tacos and carne asada fries are for sure my favorite thing on the menu. They provide huge portions, so if you walk away hungry it's definitely your fault. They also have great daily specials at $6.75.

If you want to check out their original location, it's at 107 Beech Avenue. So far it's the only one I've been to. You can find out more about Poliberto's at their official Facebook page.

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