I am 110 percent for better roads.

When it comes down to taxes, I'm all about roads, city services, public health, law enforcement, and other basics.

The City of Lubbock has a $174.5 million dollar road bond on the ballot, and I would surely check yes, except for one thing: aren't roads what we already paying taxes on? Shouldn't the money we pay in year after year be taking care of this?

One of the stock answers is, 'well, Lubbock is growing so the roads have to grow with it.' Well, if Lubbock is growing, then that should mean more people are paying in taxes already, shouldn't it?

Let's cut to the chase, which is that our tax dollars, which we thought were going for basic services like roads, are somehow being diverted elsewhere. Of course, with city and county accounting, it's impossible to figure out what's really happening. It looks to me like they want to say they've cut taxes, but now want you to say, 'please tax me for better roads.'

Let's also not forget that a huge part of this proposal is to replace the bricks downtown with smoother roads. In other words, they want you to fix the roads downtown so developers can take advantage of the improvements.

I have to admit that I'm getting a little tired of this shell game. Something doesn't add up here. I want a better Lubbock. I want better roads. I also want to know why we've gotten behind the eight-ball on this thing to the point where $174.5 million dollars is needed.

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