We're another week closer to the NFL draft, and #drafttwitter is really heating up. In this week's twitter roundup, we have more pro comps for former Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes, some pro day tweets and Mel Kiper warming up to Mahomes being a first round pick.

First up, we have several pundits from the NFL network talking about Mahomes. Casserly calls Mahomes 'Russell Wilson on his good days' and says he's good inside and outside of the pocket.

Mike Mayock, NFL network draft guru, was in Lubbock personally to oversee Mahomes pro day last friday. Mayock seemed impressed in his analysis, saying that he liked the authenticity of holding the pro day outside (I guess he didn't know Texas Tech doesn't have an indoor facility yet) and that Mahomes' big arm was evident. He added that the under center and footwork throws were successful as well.

Mayock culminated his analysis with the line: "I think he's a thrower, not a passer."

Daniel Jeremiah, also from NFL Network, said the pro day didn't improve Mahomes stock, but did solidify him as a 1st round pick. The panel in the video below, however, seem less impressed with Mahomes than most.

Their negative points are valid, but they are negatives that a lot of teams might view as positives, such as having a "gunslinger mentality."

Brian Baldinger, again from the NFL network, is a Big 12 analyst and calls Texas Tech games for FOX. He also has a C- guns up game. Baldinger opens up saying Kliff Kingsbury would take Mahomes over any other quarterback he's coached.

I think of all the analysts, Baldinger has the most knowledge of Mahomes from his experience calling Big 12 games. So I think his takes hold more water than a guy like Kiper, who just watches tape after the fact and may not understand the intricacies of the Big 12.

Baldinger makes a few good points that the off-the-book plays aren't necessarily Mahomes going rogue, but him playing within the offense scheme.

There's a reason Mahomes garners Johnny Manziel comparisons. They played in the same offense with the same coach.

In the last NFL network clip, a panel debates about where Mahomes should be drafted. Interesting conversation if you're into this stuff:

And there's yet another scouting report for Mahomes. The negatives are the same as most: playing undisciplined and poor footwork being in the lead. Not much new can be said in this realm.

And here's an article where Don Williams details how ESPN's draft guy Mel Kiper is warming up to Mahomes being a high draft pick. Kiper has Mahomes going 13th overall in his latest mock draft.

And then there's this video of Patrick Mahomes' big 80-yard bomb on Texas Tech Pro Day.

Lastly, here's more insight into Texas Tech Pro Day and who was there from David Collier:

See Patrick Mahomes in Action Below

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