With a month remaining until the NFL draft the hype is at an all time high for the draft prospects and Patrick Mahomes is no exception. When he's not at Applebee's, Mahomes has been training for his shot to be an NFL Quarterback.

The video above provides an indepth look at what he's been up to since the Texas Tech season has ended. It also provides some insight into Mahomes as a player and who he wants to be in the NFL.

Since I last wrote about Mahomes, he's been worked out by several teams including the Saints, Cardinals and Cowboys.

He's been linked to multiple teams on twitter:

The Chiefs fans on twitter seem to love Patrick Mahomes but it doesn't seem like the front office in Kansas City has the same view points.

Here's another few tweets that prove the positive sentiments Mahomes is receiving:

Mahomes' Pro Day is on the 31st of March, which means all of this will be clearer next week. It also means all of this will be way more confusing next week. That's just how the NFL draft works.

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