Patrick Mahomes was out on the town this week at a Chase Rice concert in the Kansas City area, and things got a little awkward.

The former Red Raider jumped on the mechanical bull to take a spin for the crowd. With the Texas Tech fight song blaring in the background, the bull starts to go... but never speeds up.

I don't know if Brett Veach, the Chiefs GM, was there controlling the bull or if the operator was just scared to injure the pride of Kansas City, but Mahomes never even struggles, and eventually just has to dismount on his own.

The ride itself is equal parts Varsity Blues and Magic Mike, as Mahomes got his body roll going there on the bull. I had to look away at one point.

It did seem like Mahomes had done this a time or two before. He's from East Texas, after all. The home of mechanical bulls.

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