In the Kansas City Chiefs' win over the weekend over the Arizona Cardinals, QB Patrick Mahomes was mic'd up. And he did not disappoint.

The whole video is worth a watch, but there are two key points that are a notch above the rest of the video.

The first section of greatness comes in the pregame, around the 20-second mark of the video above. Mahomes is tossing warmup passes, and before they even leave his hand he knows the balls are placed perfectly. "Dime. Dime! Dime," Mahomes says when each pigskin leaves his palm, as if there is zero doubt in his ability, even in pregame.

(A friend of mine who sent me the video says this is his new go-to when throwing away any piece of trash or laundry into the hamper. Long gone are the days when a man turns to hit a fade away into the garbage and shouts, "Kobe!" The only thing leaving my lips as I throw anything will be the word 'dime,' and I'll scream it with unbridled confidence.)

The next hilarious moment in the video comes from Chiefs punter, Dustin Colquitt, who thanks Mahomes for letting him get back on the field. "It felt good to get out there again," Colquitt jokes with Mahomes. The Chiefs have the 3rd fewest punts as a team in 2018, and in five of the 10 games so far, Colquitt has punted two times or less.

Another striking thing about mic'd up Mahomes is that it's painfully obvious he grew up in a dugout and has impeccable chatter skills. "Here we go, baby," rolls off his tongue as if he's said it a billion times in his lifetime.

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