Patrick Mahomes is undefeated in September. Not just this year, but ever.

In his three seasons as a starter, he's never lost in September. After Monday night's win over the Cam Newton-less New England Patriots, Mahomes has never not started 4-0. Add in Alex Smith starting 4-0 in 2017, and the Chiefs have started 4-0 for four straight seasons.

That's impressive, but surely other teams have done that...right?

The Troy Aikman-led Cowboys in the 90s? Nope. The Tom Brady-led Patriots? Never. Peyton Manning and the Colts? Close, but no cigar. Going 4-0 for four straight seasons is something Montana's 49ers or Bradshaw's Steelers never did, either.

In fact, the Chiefs are the first team to ever do it.

The Chiefs beat the Patriots Monday night (October 5th) 26-10 despite an off game from Mahomes himself. And by 'off game,' I mean he only threw for 236 yards and two touchdowns.

Mahomes did get away with three or four near interceptions, including one inexplicable call where Mahomes fumbled into a defender's arms in the backfield, the play was called dead and the Chiefs punted before a review could take place.

The Patriots played two quarterbacks, Bryan Hoyer and Jarrett Stidham. You might remember Stidham from his time as a Texas Tech recruit, his time as a Baylor Bear, or his career at Auburn before being drafted by the Patriots.

Despite Stidham being the presumed starter before Cam Newton was signed, Hoyer started the game and proved why he's a career backup.

Stidham came in late, but tried to do too much and threw two interceptions, one of which turned into a pick-six by Tyrann Mathieu.

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