Tom Hutton, punter for the Oklahoma State University Cowboys football team, had a bone to pick with Texas Tech fans this weekend.

What's funny to me is that Hutton is calling the quality and character of the people in Lubbock terrible because a small number of people in attendance at the Texas Tech-Oklahoma State game on Saturday tossed stuff onto the field and drew a 15-yard penalty for their trouble. But someone who hides behind a tweet and says something like that just shows their true character. It's honestly really sad, and I feel bad for the dude.

I know you're sad that you aren't even on the top 100 punters list according to ESPN, but that doesn't mean you need to attack the city of Lubbock as a whole. I've lived in Lubbock for 6 years now, and I can personally tell you it's one of my favorite places and far from the "s***hole" you called it.

So consider this my open letter to the man who averages under 42 yards per punt and was not a Big 12 Conference Co-Special Teams Player of the Week like Texas Tech's record-breaking punter Austin McNamara. I really hope you grow up and start acting your age, because a 31-year-old college student acting out on Twitter is honestly really sad. This town has really nice people, loves their school, and has the best food. So maybe think before you type, because it honestly is not a good look.

What's funny to me is I actually visited Lubbock and Stillwater when I was in high school to decide what college I wanted to go to, and I tell everyone the cities are very, very similar. The only thing different is they have to live in Oklahoma.

If you say 'TTU,' 'Texas Tech' or 'Tech,' we all know who you're referring to, but if you say 'OSU,' most people will say Ohio State University. Maybe wait until your school is a little more well known before getting on your high horse. I mean, y'all stole our mascot and hand signal, and then stole Princeton's colors. We all know your school wants to be like us, so I guess in a way you're calling your city and school that as well. Class act.

The Lubbock and Texas Tech community stepped up to defend the city in the replies on Hutton's tweet. Here are some of my favorite tweets for a laugh since I know we're all heated after reading what he had to say.

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