Exactly a month ago on May 1st, Kevin McCullar announced that he'd be going to either Kansas or Gonzaga if he didn't remain in the NBA Draft. At the time, I wrote that the decision between the two parties of Mark Adams and Kevin McCullar was probably mutual. I say probably, but both McCullar and Adams said as much in tweets following McCullar's initial reaction that he'd be transferring.

A couple of days before he announced his final two, McCullar said he'd entered his name into the portal. On May 19th, he narrowed his decision down to one school: Kansas.

Now in what seems like his 17th announcement, McCullar has finally confirmed that he's actually heading to Kansas after the first 16 false starts.

McCullar's last several announcements on Twitter have not had the reply function after his initial statement that he would not return to Texas Tech amassed nearly 400 comments quickly. Most of those comments were positive, but there was a solid share of negativity, too. So much so that Mark Adams himself responded to the hate.

Since the initial tweet, all of McCullar's tweets have been set to where the common fan can't respond.

On one hand, I respect his decision to rise above the hate. On the other hand, if you're going to play high-level collegiate basketball and announce seven different ways that you're leaving a university, you have to expect some negative feedback.

Texas Tech fans will have their chance to air their grievances when Kansas comes to Lubbock, because you can't turn the replies off in person at the United Supermarkets Arena.

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