First of all, the Patrick Mahomes Hype Train hit a bit of a snag last week after an underwhelming debut in week one of the NFL preseason, but it's back in full force after a majestic touchdown from over the weekend.

Here's the touchdown everyone is talking about:

That ball was in the air from the 25 yard line to the opposite 5 yard line. That doesn't happen often. It's an incredible throw. Forget that it's the preseason. The air isn't different; we aren't playing with different balls here. Nobody else is throwing 70 yards 'just because it's the preseason.'

Here's another angle of the bomb:

It's a great route by Tyreke Hill and a better chunk by Patrick Mahomes, and most commentators left it at that. But Peter Schrager of the NFL Network couldn't drop how miraculous the throw was and how you should get ready to see it every single Sunday.

That's right, NBA Twitter is going to be dominated from September to January by Patrick Mahomes' Twitter. Schrager can't contain himself as his co-host shouts, "Release the Kraken!"

Schrager ends his monologue with, "Mahomes is a freak! That arm is a cannon! He's a gift from the football gods!" I think that gets the point across.

The Chiefs' beat writers are no doubt excited for the cannon, but they also take the time to see the little things. Like this touchdown throw to the back in the redzone that was Mahomes' third read in just seconds.

The Chiefs reporters are also excited about the arm strength that allows for the 70-yard touchdown bombs also throwing strikes to the sideline:

The hype train isn't limited to the NFL Network, either. ESPN is also getting in on the action with Louis Riddick saying that Patrick Mahomes is going to put up bigger stats than Jared Goff this season.

The hype train is real for Patrick Mahomes going into his first season as the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. We are definitely going to be paying attention to the Pat Tracker that the Wingo and Golic show will be implementing this season.

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