The City of Lubbock is currently in the midst of a long-term renovation project at Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport. The $45 million renovation started in 2019, and is continuing as we inch closer to April.

New photos released on Monday show changes to part of the baggage claim and gate areas at the airport.

One of the biggest parts of the renovation is completely new flooring in the airport. If you remember, in the terminal entrance the floor was this odd combination of concrete with pebbles of various sizes embedded into the concrete. The old floor was rough on the wheels of luggage, and very slippery to walk on during humid conditions.

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In the baggage claim area, the flooring was finished brick set into the concrete. It was uneven to walk on, and also slippery during humid or wet conditions.

You can see the new flooring in the first tweet below.

The second major change for the gates at the airport is the raising of the ceiling to allow more natural light into the terminal. Large 30-foot high windows allow plenty of natural light into the terminal and take away the claustrophobic feeling you could get if you were stuck in the terminal for hours. You can see a comparison in the second tweet below.

Additional parts of the remodel at Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport: upgrading the restrooms, the consolidation of baggage claim to only one part of the terminal, newer and larger security screening areas, and the relocation of the rental car counters.

Phase 3 of the airport's remodeling is expected to be completed this summer.

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