A mother in Lubbock recently posted on Nextdoor.com to share her experience with a man that has been following her daughter.

According to the post, her daughter recently moved back home and has been parking in front of their house. The other day the daughter notices that a tall, thin man with long dark dreads followed her around several aisled in H.E.B., as well as Target. The daughter was concerned about the man following her, so she had a manager at the store walk her to her car.

After being followed around the store, their neighbors noticed a dark grey SUV Nissan with tinted windows and a Florida license plate outside of their home. They have continued to see the driver parked outside of their home several times.

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The mother stated that her other daughter works for a company the specializes in sex trafficking, and after explaining their situation, the daughter thinks that may be the reason the man is following her sister.

The family filed a report with the Lubbock police department and checked the daughter's car for a tracking device, but found nothing.

This is extremely concerning and should absolutely not be taken lightly. I am proud of the daughter for doing the right thing by asking for a manager to walk her to her car, and the family was smart to report it as they did.

The family is asking that you keep an eye out and report if you see the vehicle and man that fit the description.

Unfortunately, as a woman, you have to be prepared on how to handle a situation like this and keep yourself safe. There are many things that are good to make a habit of when you are going out on your own.

A few things that I make a habit of are:

  • Looking into my car through the windows as I'm walking up to the driver's door.
    • This is a good habit to make sure there isn't anyone in the car before you get in.
  • Keep an eye out for anyone that seems to be following me.
    • If you think you are being followed in a store then have a manager or other employee walk you to your car.
    • If you are being followed while driving then drive to the nearest police station.
  • Have a friend or family member that I can call and put on speaker.
    • If someone is following you, they will be less likely to do anything if they know you are currently on the phone with someone. This is even more effective if they hear a male voice on the phone with you.

There are many resources to learn how to keep yourself safe and identify the ways you might be targeted by human traffickers.

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