Texas Tech coach Mike Smith joined 1340 The Fan to talk about his role on the defensive staff in 2015 and the fictional 'disease' he overcame.

"It just made more sense...last two years I've coached defensive ends." Smith said. "Even in the NFL I was coaching defensive ends."

Smith added that he had to overcome a little adversity of his own. "A lot of people think since I played linebacker at Tech that's all I know. But as a coach, my last eight years all I've coached is the d-line."

This experience has Coach Smith believing he can turn a historically rough d-line around in 2015.

"You couldn't talk a better challenge as a coach, how bad we struggled last year to take over a group... and the d-line has really bought in," he told us.

Coach Smith knows the value of hard work and technique after growing up with the self-diagnosed "LOFT" disease.

"You know what 'LOFT' disease is? It's Lack Of Freaking Talent, so I had to be good with my technique and had to be good with my training," he joked.

It's the extra training that Robertson, Jackson and Levi have put in that has Smith optimistic this line can last well into the 4th quarter.

"It's not about getting to the quarterback faster, it's being able to go after the quarterback for four quarters," he said. "I'm a big believer in that."

However, it's not just the 2015 starters that will make an impact. Coach Smith stressed that depth will play a huge role on the d-line.

"There is no starter. No one is entitled," Smith said, admitting that Robertson and Jackson were worn down from playing 80 snaps a game last year. The depth has Smith excited to be able to switch guys in every two or three plays.

It's that depth that will help this defensive line to anchor the new era of defense at Texas Tech. Beards and tag lines can only get you so far. If this Red Raider defense is improved in 2015, it will be on the backs of an experienced defensive line, along with new comers Fehoko and Outlaw.

Mike Smith shares the same sentiment as most fans when he says: "I'm looking forward to getting that bad taste out of my mouth and getting ready for this season."

We are too, Coach. We are, too.

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