I wish that headline was clickbait. I really do. But it's not. This actually happened at Mike Leach's weekly presser when a journalist asked him his thoughts on Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury's pregame garb against West Virginia...because that totally matters.

Below is Kingsbury's pregame suit in question, along with Leach's entire reaction:

The suit in question is just another Tuesday for Kingsbury, but Leach lit up like he was seeing his prodigal son. "He didn't learn anything from me, did he," Leach opens on his former quarterback, before continuing: "Well, if you got it, flaunt it, I guess."

Leach then has a moment of clarity wishing he was back in Lubbock -- not to coach the Red Raiders, but to make fun of Kingsbury and his suit. "I could amuse myself for two days pickin' this one apart," he said.

Leach then, as he so often does, started reminiscing about the past and how Kliff Kingbsury doesn't really like golf, but would always dress the part when they played. "He'd take it to a whole different level," Leach said before flexing his superlatives. "Daring. Style. Panash. Disgusting. He can stir it all in."

Kingsbury's old coach and mentor wasn't done there, however. "Even if he'd dress down, there'd always be a little something to it," Leach said, adding that Kingsbury could accessorize an old ragged pair of Levi jeans.

Leach finished by giving a glimpse into the quarterback room back in 2002. "There was some good dialogue in there," Leach said. "Kliff and BJ (Symons) going back and forth on what they thought of each other's taste in clothes, music, and dates."

"It was well worth listening to. And then in between, you teach them where to put their eyes on various plays and such," he concluded.

I think we need to have a round table with Mike Leach and all of his former quarterbacks. That would be fascinating.

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