If there is one thing that Mike Leach is not afraid of it's giving his opinion on something. The opinionated head coach was never a stranger to controversy at Texas Tech and is now living the same way as always in Pullman, Washington.

His latest diatribe was on the College Football Playoffs and how they can't seem to get the right amount of teams in the system.

In his own classic style Leach lampoons the CFP by listing every other league that plays football has a better playoff system. From the little leagues to the NFL, they all have a better playoff system than the NCAA. He also deftly mixes in quotes from Mark Twain and hilarious quips to keep his ranting enjoyable.

This might stem from the fact that the Wildcats of Washington State are 6-0 and looking to win the Pac-12 and have a shot to be in the four team playoff.

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