We're now 6 days away from another College Football Playoff championship game, and I know I should care about it, but I don't.

Alabama again?  Another year of "SEC dominance"? Wake me up when its over.

I tried watching this year's CFP Semi-final games, and ended up checking out of the Goodyear Cotton Bowl once Alabama went up 17-3 over Cincinnati in the second quarter.

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College football is great to watch during the regular season. Plenty of exciting finishes and rivalry games. But that excitement is completely lost in the College Football Playoff format. College football stakeholders, and the CFP playoff committee, have completely botched the way to crown a champion.

Here's a trivia note for you: only the first season of the CFP National Championship didn't feature a team from the SEC. That's only one out of eight times. For a sport that is supposed to mirror the parity of the NFL, it doesn't.

CFP National Championship Presented by AT&T - Ohio State v Alabama
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Speaking of the SEC, ESPN's SEC-bias is only going to get worse when Oklahoma and Texas join the conference in a few years. I can completely understand the hesitation to adding additional teams to the CFP, if there aren't going to be safeguards put in place. The first: all Power 5 conference champions need to be guaranteed a spot in an expanded CFP.  The second: a conference can't have more than two teams in the CFP.

Otherwise, let's be honest, the SEC will then get three or four teams in the playoff and they will continue to dominate the whole exercise.

Will you be watching Alabama vs Georgia next Monday? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook.


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