The Michigan Wolverines took down the Virginia Tech Hokies 23-20 last night in Overtime. This season has been a redemption story of sorts for the Wolverines as first season head coach Brady Hoke has led them to an impressive win in a BCS bowl, considering where the program was under Rich Rodriguez.

Virginia Tech had more than double Michigan's total yards, 377 to Michigan's 184, and had 22 first downs to Michigan's 12 but settled for four field goals in regulation by third-string kicker Justin Myer. Unfortunately he missed a field goal in overtime that cost Virginia  the game.

According to, Danny Coale doesn't blame Myer for the Loss, “He gave us the points that we had. He put us in position to win at the end. It shouldn’t have come down to a field goal, and I don’t agree that it should have come down to a field goal." Coale also added, “The missed opportunities, the penalties – that’s what led it to being a close game. It shouldn’t have been close.”


After Myer missed in overtime Michigan kicker Brendan Gibbons kicked the game winner.

Truth be told, it was a very pedestrian game by both school, and in the opinion of many neither one of the school should have been in a BCS bowl in the first place. Regardless, Michigan's Offense was held in check all night, and the Hokies couldn't execute.

What did you guys think of the game?


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