The world's most famous porn star has a thing for Texas Tech Head Coach Kilff Kingsbury, and she's definitely not shy about admitting it.

The former porn star who now lives in Austin showed no hesitation at all when asked (somewhat awkwardly) during an interview with Total Frat Move's "Back Door Cover" podcast: "What college football coach would you most like to make the sex with?"

The coach's name was out of her mouth before the interviewer even posed the question. This isn't the first time Mia has made her crush on Kingsbury public.

Mia also admitted that she'd drop her allegiance to Florida State and support Texas Tech if Kingsbury gave her a call, promising to come to every Texas Tech game.

notthefakemiakhalifa via Instagram

She went so far as to give her...unique version of the "Guns Up" sign, then pointing them at her lady parts saying "Wreck this, Kliff."

Mia also let the coach know that she had "cooking skills," a fact that was verified by a friend on the set. Overall, Mia was as giddy as a schoolgirl when she gave her answer.

I'm saying Kliff needs to make the call, if for nothing else than to tell Mia that the "Guns Up" sign is only one finger and a thumb.

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