A Keystone Light beer display put up at the Lubbock Market Street at 19th and Quaker has Texas Tech football fans laughing.

The sign reads: "It's a steal at a price that low!!" Underneath the Keystone Light logo reads: "Come and take it." A picture of it was uploaded to Reddit CFB.

The sign is a reference to the arrest of two TCU players after an early September incident where they allegedly attacked another student and stole a 30-pack of Keystone Light beer.

We reached out to United Family Communications Manager Mary Myers, who told us the display was put up by the local store manager Robert (who took the photo above) and was meant strictly as a joke.

Ironically, someone even went so far as to "borrow" the "come and take it" part of the display before bringing it back, Myers told us.

Of course, it's a bad situation with the arrest and the student getting beat up, but the display is humorous and a perfect representation of the jocular nature of college football and Texas culture in general -- from the fact that it's beer to the clever sign all the way to the "Come and Take It" Texas flag reference.

Bravo, Market Street, bravo. We know where Texas Tech fans will be buying beer now.

come and take it beer display
Photo courtesy: Mary Myers, United Supermarket Family

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