I had quite a surprise at about 3:15 Monday morning.

I exited my vehicle to the sound of screaming. At first I thought somebody was in trouble but I quickly realized it wasn't the screamer who was in trouble, it was the guy on the receiving end of the screams.

Next to the radio station is what used to be the Willow Hills Apartments or something. I think they're now called the Boulders at Lakeridge...or something. These apartments once upon a time were fairly nice (and they still may be, but I haven't been in one in a minute). I've had many friends and co-workers live back there and just walk to the radio station.

Well, apparently somebody named Donny really fudged up. Now, Donny could have fudged up any number of ways but if you know Donny, tell him his first mistake was dating that girl. This girl was screaming questions at Donny and anytime you'd hear Donny try to answer in a normal tone of voice, she'd scream over him again.

You may be wondering why I'm taking Donny's side in all this. Well, it takes a special kind of a-hole to wake up an entire apartment complex because they're mad at their boyfriend. This was 100 percent an 'I don't care who hears me, I hope everyone hears me' type of situation. People who live there have to get up for work and school and are never going to get the sleep they lost back after this idiotic scream-fest.

Let me talk to Donny for a minute here.

Donny -- GET OUT. You probably messed up something bad, but this is not a healthy situation. That is a girl there Donny that will stab you or put a plastic bag over your head while you sleep. Take the loss Donny and move on. You are never going to fix this. It's just going to be ass-chewin' after ass-chewin' for you for the rest of your life.

Now, before I go. If you're Donny's girlfriend, let me talk to you.

Donny's girlfriend -- this is not how mature adults handle relationships. This is not what good neighbors do to other neighbors. Screaming at the top of your lungs at 3 a.m. is not how grown-ups behave. Next time if you're fortunate to find someone to take your abuse, take it inside. You're probably correct that Donny doesn't deserve you, but that's because he humbly took an ass-reaming from you without walking away instantly. 

Be good to each other, people, and keep the noise down.

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