From time to time, we check out YouTube to see if there is anything worth writing about that pertains to Lubbock. We found a video entitled "LUBBOCK TEXAS HOODS" that sparked some interest.

The 13-minute video has over 18,000 views and was only published a few weeks ago. It appears to be someone driving up and down different old and run-down neighborhoods in Lubbock that look like they need some serious work.

It's certainly not the version of Lubbock we often see advertised in other YouTube videos, which typically only show off the nicer areas in town and Texas Tech University. What you see here is the reality of Lubbock, Texas. We are a city that is still very much divided by income. The lingering effects of racism paired with classism are certainly present to this day.

Some neighborhoods have been completely neglected for decades, full of abandoned houses and garbage. Many of the areas seen in this footage could benefit greatly from large chain businesses and department stores, but for some reason, those never seem to be built there.

These parts of our city desperately need some attention. Have they been forgotten? Covered up? Ignored? It sure seems like it.

Lubbock looks like peaches and cream to outsiders when they're only shown videos like the one below that honestly makes me friggin' gag every time I watch it. What a load of crap. Check it out:

You'd never know how things really were here just by watching this silly video that completely masks all of the unsavory parts of our city.

What can we do to bring more awareness to the forgotten parts of town? Comment below or on our Facebook page if you think you know the solution.

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There's a lot going on here.
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