Lubbock Power and Light (LP&L) crews are being called to help out in Florida.

LP&L is sending crewmembers to Lakeland, Florida to help in recovery efforts once Hurricane Ian has passed. The crews are made up of three service crews, two construction crews, and a mechanic totaling 18 crewmembers and 15 vehicles.

The LP&L crews and vehicles will be properly sent off Wednesday, September 28th, at 7 a.m. with service trucks lined up outside the LP&L Distribution Center as the crews make their way to Interstate 27. As the crews leave the city of Lubbock via the Slaton Highway the goal for that day is for those crews to make their way to Jackson, Mississippi.

On Thursday, September 29th, those crews will make their way to Montgomery, Alabama and wait until Hurricane Ian has passed so that they can reach Lakeland, Florida as soon as possible to start the recovery efforts.

This call for assistance is not the first time LP&L has sent crews to assist during a disaster, the last time crews were sent out after Hurricane Laura in the Newton, Texas area.

LP&L has signed a mutual service agreement which allows crews to be able to be sent out and assist in disaster recovery events. In this case, LP&L is being sent out due to a disaster declaration being issued which does mean that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will reimburse all expenses related to the efforts of restoring power to Florida residents.

There is currently no expected date for when the crews will return to Lubbock. It will depend on the severity of damages once Hurricane Ian makes landfall.

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