Oh, LP&L, you sure have a sense of humor!

In an effort to wish customers a Happy New Year, LP&L posted the photo below on their Facebook page on January 1st...during major power outages in Lubbock. The irony tastes so sweet, we just can't get enough of it.

It's certainly a bit colder outside this week than it was over the holidays and we can all only hope that we don't fall victim to the power grid outages that Texas faced last year now that we have joined ERCOT.

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There were a few salty comments under LP&L's post that I thought you might get a kick out of if you hate LP&L as much as I do, which chances are, you do. They just seem to drop the ball over and over again. Most Lubbock residents have a few choice words for them any day of the week.

"Man, y'all really need to get your problems resolved. This is the 2nd time in a month that this same area has lost power... feeding from the substation on Marsha Sharp & 29th Drive. We're paying more than ever before, for electricity, and getting far inferior electrical service." - Danny Hendrie

"I'm in the dark too!!!" - Sandra Sanchez

"Same. My whole street, including my 81-year-old mother-in-law, and none of your numbers seem to be working..."

Anyway, we hope you got a kick out of this poorly-timed slap in the face from one of the biggest monopolies in Lubbock, Texas. Thanks for being so dang classy, LP&L. It's comedy gold.

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