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As everyone in Lubbock is far too familiar with, City of Lubbock Utilities has been giving out some crazy bills that locals are not happy about.

One citizen took to to share their most recent bill that claims they used 10,000 gallons of water in one month. The original poster explained how their bill from this time last year showed their proper usage of around 4,000 gallons, and that they haven’t changed their water usage habits over the past year.

This initial post brought in a slew of other users who have been running into the same problem. Some people have been receiving crazy meter readings that are thousands of gallons off from their typical usage, leading to extremely pricy bills.

Many people are claiming that they contacted the water department about the faulty meter readings, and the company has allegedly not agreed that there were any faulty meter readings. They're supposedly saying the people experiencing abnormal readings must have some sort of leak or other problem that's the fault of the home owner.

While these people are hard-set on the issue not coming from their end and believing it has to be a meter problem, others disagree.

A few other homeowners took to the original post sharing their experience with a similar situation. The big difference between these experiences is that they eventually did discover some form of a hidden leak in their yard, toilets that wouldn't stop running, or another part of their home that explained the suddenly large bills.

Of course, I don’t know what is causing these crazy bills. I think it's extremely likely that it’s either a meter problem or some sort of leak. Either way, I hope anyone experiencing these crazy bills are able to find a solution to their problem as soon as possible.

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