The way Lubbock police are approaching aggressive drivers seems a little counterintuitive.

Let's start with the fact that Lubbock police have always done me right. I think we did not give them enough of a raise. What bothers me is there seems to be better alternatives than the current program.

With the new campaign, an unmarked car (usually a car confiscated in a drug raid) will film an aggressive driver then a Lubbock Police Department cruiser will pull them over and present them with the evidence. If someone gets caught committing two or more violations, they'll get a bonus "stamp" on their ticket marking them as an aggressive driver and their fines will go up. I hope I have this correct; I've read this article four times and another twice to figure this thing out.

It's not that this program is necessarily bad, but it kind of reeks of a bureaucratic memo from somebody who isn't really on the streets. It's an OK-ish solution, but it overly complicates a much easier solution.

We all know the chill that seeing a cop car in traffic gives drivers. People usually won't even pass a slow cop car that's going under the speed limit. So why all the stealth, video, and after-the-fact enforcement? I think it would be better to just have two fully dressed police cars on the road rather than this weird game of cat-and-mouse.

This is just a thought. Maybe those confiscated cars could be sold to put more actual Lubbock Police Department cruisers on the streets. I commend the department for recognizing the problem; the solution just seems weird. It just makes more sense to stop traffic problems before they happen than to punish them after the fact.

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