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The Lubbock Police Department has begun the implementation of their "Aggressive Driving Program" that is intended to target drivers who compromise the safety of others.

What qualifies as aggressive driving behavior is as follows: excessive or unsafe speed, disregarding traffic control devices, following too closely, unsafe lane changes and failure to yield right of way among others.

KAMC News reports that the goal of this program isn't to increase how many violations officers issue, rather to target only the most dangerous of drivers.

Lubbock Police Officer D.B. Tucker said:

Whenever you get in your car, know that it is a huge weapon if used correctly. Drive safe for all conditions, and if there is something that is wrong with your vehicle, address it before you get behind the wheel. Be careful for others around you.

Officer tucker specifically said that one of the more common violations he encounters is tailgating. He says for everyone to be alert of how close you are to the vehicle in front of you, as your reaction time to keep from hitting that vehicle is small.

The Aggressive Driving Program was actually employed back in the 2000's, but has since been on pause.

In the last month alone, it's said officers with LPD have made 76 stops and issued 95 violations while on Aggressive Driving Program shifts.

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