Are you ready for the crafty bunch?

I'm sure more than one of you has said, "I need to go to one of those" and guess what? Here's one of those. The Lubbock Moonlight Market is back with an almost spooky theme, Midsommar.

Midsommar really means "mid-summer," but has taken on creepy connotations after a movie of the same name came out in 2019. The movie (no spoilers) takes what appears to be a kind of a floral festival and turns it into a scenario that will haunt you forever.

The Lubbock Moonlight Market is embracing this a little bit by encouraging "flower crowns," which played a part in the movie. Anywho, that's what will make this event festive. What will make it cool is the cool stuff created by local crafters and artists.

So what are you going to find there? Cool stuff like homemade soaps, candles, jewelry, resin art, purses and a ton more. It's definitely a shopping experience because the feature the kind of stuff you didn't know you needed until you see it.

These events have gathered serious steam and it's advised that you arrive early for the best selection of stuff. Many of the things sold are one of a kind AND the kind of thing that you'll treasure for a long time.

The event will happen outside the CASP Work Studios at 408 Avenue J from 6 to 10 p.m. on Saturday, June 18th, 2022. Get out and stretch your legs and do some shopping under the night skies.

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