A Lubbock man on trial for the Aggravated Assault of a baby has been sentenced to serve prison time. 28-year-old Malcom Dixon-White was arrested back on September 15, 2020 just a few days after a baby he was looking after had to be taken to University Medical Center.

While at the hospital doctors were able to examine the baby who had severe head injuries that required immediate surgery due to brain swelling. Hospital employees did notify the Lubbock Police Department of the incident who then came to the hospital to question the mother. KAMC news reported that the child's mother told police that her child had fallen off of a couch while she was at work and in the care of Dixon.

Dixon told investigators the baby had fallen off the couch while arguing with another child but doctors told police that the injuries were not consistent with the story. Dixon later admitted to investigators that he hit the baby with a pillow before throwing her onto the couch and then hitting her with multiple objects before dropping her onto the floor.

Dixon was soon arrested for the incident, along with an unassociated prostitution of a minor charge. During Dixons trial prosecutors stated that the baby had little chance of living a normal life and that initially doctors were not sure she would survive the surgery. Dixon's legal team advocated that the incident was due to negligence and not any kind of violence. During the deliberation of the trial the jury did ultimately find Dixon guilty for the Aggravated Assault charges against a 14-month-old. Dixon was sentenced to serve 28 years in prison.

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