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A Lubbock man was arrested on Saturday, October 2nd, after he allegedly fired his handgun outside his Central Lubbock home.

The Lubbock Police Department responded just before 9:15 p.m. to a residence in the 1700 block of 28th Street for reports of shots fired. Upon arrival, a man identified as Travis Herberger, told authorities that multiple people were attempting to assault him, and he fired a shot on the ground to scare them.

The four other individuals at the scene said they were at a party in the 2200 block of 20th Street when Herberger showed up drunk to argue with his girlfriend. The argument ensued and wound up outside the home, where he broke a mirror on a vehicle. The argument ended and Herberger left the party to go home.

Later that night, Herberger's girlfriend contacted him to make arrangements to fix the damage to the vehicle so he told her to come over. The girlfriend arrived along with the other individuals at the party and knocked on Herberger's door multiple times. When he finally answered, he was holding a firearm.

At some point during this altercation, a shot was fired.

Once police were on the scene, Herberger's roommate arrived and told officers that the firearm was his and that he let Herberger borrow it. The firearm was left inside the home and officers were not allowed to enter the home to collect it.

Herberger was arrested and charged with discharging a firearm in certain municipalities.

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