So recently we talked about the Swedish store IKEA and how Lubbock has had rumors circulating about a possible store coming to Lubbock. Well IKEA did tell me that there were no current plans to open a location in Lubbock at all which is a bummer, or is it?

I recently traveled to the Dallas area for a wedding and was surprised by my friend with a look around IKEA. Now little ol' me was in for a culture shock as soon as I entered the store. The place was so clean that I could eat off the floor which is something that an IKEA in Lubbock could never accomplish. Too many dust storms.

My friend and I did look around and were in shock by how cheap everything was that we contemplated getting some very comfy plastic chairs that you could just sink into. I personally don't think Lubbock is ready for low/decent prices on furniture, appliances, and every other good thing they have to offer.

Of course I had to try the famous Swedish meatballs that everyone says are amazing and are addicting. We did order our food and I being a healthy person swapped out the peas for extra mash potatoes, they are a vegetable, and was told by the server to get the sauce on them. I took his advice and tried the meatballs which were honestly just a a big disappointment unless you dip them in the lingonberry jam. They also serve the meatballs on some very beautiful plates that were very high quality.

The worse part was the walking that you have to do to get out once you start. It's almost like some sort of maze that kept us walking for what felt like days since there are no windows, aside from the food court, in the building. After finding tiredly emerging from IKEA I found myself craving the Swedish meatballs even though they were disappointing.

I came to the conclusion that IKEA is not a store but a mythical place with mazes that go on forever, enchantingly clean spaces, and food that bewitches you like Turkish Delight from Narnia. So I think it's better off that Lubbock stays away from getting their own IKEA unless you want to increase your cardio, save money, and have Swedish meatballs with lingonberry jam constantly on your mind. Does Lubbock need their own IKEA or are we better without? Let us know in the comments.

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