As the curse of Ground Hog Day is finally being lifted as we get closer to Spring that means it's time to clean out your garden and get ready to start gardening. Spring is the time when the birds seem to chirp more and things start to grow especially when they're green.

Plants are a very noticeable part of Spring since everything has been basically taking a nap making the world seem a bit spooky. Well you can take the initiative and get a head start on the green growing season of plants by heading to one of Lubbock's many public libraries. You can pick up a few books on gardening and plants but also visit their Sow and Grow Seed Libraries which house many seeds beneficial to the area.

The Sow and Grow Seed Libraries program is a partnership between all four Lubbock library locations and the Lubbock Master Gardeners Association. The Master Gardeners are responsible for keeping the seeds stocked in the program year round, not just in the Spring and Summer months. Hannah Stewart, Director of Libraries, states that with keeping the seeds stocked at all four libraries the Lubbock Master Gardeners hold a variety of programs with the libraries to educate people locally on how to tend to their plants and gardens.

The Sow and Grow Seed Libraries program is open to all ages all you have to do is ask where the seed library is located and find the native, or non-invasive species, you would like. The seed packs are limited to three per guest and you write down which seeds you are taking so the Master Gardeners know what seeds need to be refilled. To stay informed on when the next program will be held in Lubbock you can sign up for the Lubbock Public Library news letter.

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