The Lubbock Police Department is currently searching for two potential robbery and shooting suspects who are alleged to have broken into a home in the 2300 block of Auburn Street on Monday, November 23rd.

According to a police report and KAMC News, the two suspects arrived at the home sometime Monday evening. One of the suspects allegedly identified themselves as 'Marcus,' someone believed to be associated with an acquaintance of the home’s residents.

At the time of the incident, three people were inside the house: two residents, one of which is the owner, and a third person said to be a friend of theirs. When one of them answered the door, the two suspects made their way inside and showed that they were both armed with handguns.

Police said one of the suspects fired once, but didn’t hit anyone, and demanded money from the residents. During the commotion, the same suspect fired a second time, hitting the owner of the residence in the leg. Both suspects then stole various items before fleeing the scene.

The man who was shot was taken to University Medical Center for treatment, but his current condition is unknown. Police say he told them that an acquaintance of his was believed to have “come into some money,” and that could have been the suspects’ motivation.

Police have not yet identified the two shooting suspects. If you have any information on this crime, please contact the Crime Line at 741-1000.

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