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This weekend as I was perusing Facebook as one does, and I ran across some incredible news. After an extended Holiday break, Dimba's Chicken and Seafood is back open.

The owner of Dimba's posted the news in the incredible LBK Foodie's Facebook group. via LBK Foodies.
LBK Foodies via Foodies

If you've never been to Dimba's, you're missing out on one of the best spots in Lubbock. As the name says, they've got chicken and seafood with a bevy of fried sides to appease the palate.

They have locations at 50th and Quaker and 4th and Frankford for you to get your fried food fix. I recommend the batter-fried and chicken bits. Also, the catfish. And the hushpuppies. And maybe some coleslaw. And the Shrimpies...

You know what? It's all good. Just try it all.

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