Every time I see a post like this it really hurts my heart.

We all know owning a local business is hard no matter what kind it is. The restaurants are struggling because of prices increasing and so many people are stepping up to support them but what about all the local boutiques?

I actually just spent the weekend with my mom checking out local boutiques and we had so much fun. It's great to get stuff you know other people won't have and are supporting folks right here in Lubbock. Plus, they all have some really cute Texas Tech stuff.

So it was really hard to see this post yesterday. A local boutique is really seeing the hurt from people not shopping small. When I was going to all the boutiques I actually noticed how there was no one there and I even shopped at this one.

Vibeage in Lubbock took to Instagram pleading for people to shop small. Not just for them but for everyone. They posted saying they're also seeing prices increase and it's hard when everyone is shopping at Walmart, Target and SHEIN, who will survive because they have big backing.

"I remember typing out a similar post a couple of years ago when this all first started and the ache in my heart and the sick feeling in my stomach thinking that economically things couldn't get worse.. but here we are," wrote Ruby from Vibeage.


"Craving a cone? Visit a local ice cream shop. Need a new top? Shop local first -- I bet someone has something just as cute and your business will be way more appreciated than Amazon. Have a minute? Share business pages on your stories/social networks," said Ruby.


While the post did get a good response we need to remember this a couple of weeks down the road, months in the future and maybe when you have something going on. Think twice before you take to your phone or computer to shop at big stores. Is this something I can get locally? Well, then, you should.

The slogan "here today, gone tomorrow" is really happening, and that's a scary, scary thing for these business owners and the world.

It doesn't just take money, though. You can share local businesses' social media posts to help get the word out about them. Tell somebody about a place you like when they mention they need something. Write a good review on Google or social media for them, or just share their posts. I try to help local businesses as much as I can, but nobody is perfect and I'm definitely going to try and do better.

I know it's tough for everyone right now, but Lubbock can step up and do this. We always see examples of people in need getting help from the community. This time, we have a chance to help local businesses, too.

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