If you aren't familiar with kid's sports, at the end of each game, players usually line up and tell the opposing team 'good game' and give them a high five as they walk past one another. It's a great way to show respect and good sportsmanship, no matter the outcome of the game.

A video was shared to TikTok by user @unapologeticallyangela on July 11th, 2022 of some children doing exactly what I described above, except it seems like one of the coaches in line wasn't a good sport at all.

Kenneth Wendt, coach for the Scorpions team, allegedly hurt children from the winning team by bending their hands back and hitting them too hard. One child can even be heard saying "I got hit right in the head."

This terrible ordeal happened at Baseball USA in Houston, Texas. It's also stated by the video creator and several other news sources that he has since been removed from coaching the team, which is comprised of children 9 and under.

What's worse? Wendt is also a sergeant with the Harris County Precinct 5 Constables Office. It's pretty unbelievable that a police officer would do such a horrendous thing.

Take a peek at the video below, but please be advised that it's hard to stomach and might ruin your day. There's also an update from the video creator at the bottom of this post, so don't miss part two of this story.

You can hear the shock in the children's voices, and that's what really gets to me. I played Little League and there's no one you trust more than the coaches around you. Even a coach from the opposing team should always be respectful and kind and treat all of the children equally,  no matter what. This is just gross and cruel.

Can you imagine would kind of police officer this man must be?

There are more videos pertaining to this story on the video creator's TikTok page if you're interested in seeing more details. Hopefully, this man never coaches again and faces repercussions for his disgusting actions.

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